Feature Index

Behind the beautiful interface, Mystro is an incredibly rich platform, packed full of features. Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the Mystro platform can do.


Businesses & Locations

  • Multiple Businesses and Locations In One Account
    Manage multiple businesses and locations in one account for no added cost. Every bit of data in Mystro can be filtered by business and location.
  • Caters for On-Premise Locations
    Mystro caters for businesses that operate from a physical location. Specify the details of the locations that your business operates at.
  • Configure Settings Per Location
    All settings can be configured differently for each location giving you maximum flexibility in setting up each location as per your requirements.
  • Caters for Mobile Locations
    Coming Soon
    Mystro caters for businesses that offer appointments on a mobile basis allowing. Specify the areas the service so you only receive bookings in these locations.
  • Mobile Service Area Generation Tool
    Coming Soon
    Our service area generation tool gives you the freedom to be specific when choosing the locations your business and service providers are available for bookings.

Services & Resources

  • Appointments
    Manage the appointments that your business offers.
  • Create Custom Appointment Types
    Create your own custom appointment types. For example, consultation, follow-up, and standard.
  • Manage Resources
    Add and manage your resources, including rooms and equipment, per location and assign resources to services.
  • Classes
    Coming Soon
    Ability to create classes and allocate slots within a class that customers can be booked into.
  • Workshops
    Coming Soon
    Ability to create workshops and allocate slots within a workshop that customers can be booked into.
  • Categorise Services
    Coming Soon
    Use categories to organise and group similar services together so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Appointment Lead Time and Time Gap
    Coming Soon
    Set the lead time and time gap for appointments.
  • Specify Slots in Classes and Workshops
    Coming Soon
    Specify the slots available within a class and workshop session.
  • Schedule Resources
    Coming Soon
    Schedule resources when creating bookings and avoid double-booking rooms and equipment.


  • Automated Booking Notifications
    Send automated SMS and email notifications to your customers and service providers for each booking.
  • Use Placeholders to Personalise Templates
    Use placeholders to insert dynamic content in your SMS and emails and make them more personalised.
  • CC Email Notifications
    CC automated email notifications to anyone you want – yourself, your receptionist, or even your scheduler.
  • Automatic and Manual SMS Recharge Options
    Choose to automatically or manually recharge your SMS credit pack when you reach a credit limit of your choice.
  • Daily Agenda Sent to Service Providers
    Send a daily agenda to your service providers with a summary of their upcoming bookings.


  • Connect a Payment Gateway
    Connect a payment gateway to accept payments online. Mystro currently supports Stripe, more gateways coming soon.
  • Record Multiple Payments
    Record multiple payments on invoices. Specify the amount paid and include a reference.
  • Direct Payment Processing
    Process payments on behalf of your customers directly in Mystro. Perfect for businesses without an EFTPOS facility.
  • Record Refunds
    Record full and partial refunds that have been issued on invoices making sure that your accounts are always accurate.
  • Record Manual Payment Methods
    Record other manual methods of payment on invoices that are accepted outside of Mystro like cash, direct deposit, cheque, or EFTPOS.
  • Add Custom Manual Payment Methods
    Coming Soon
    Accept additional payment methods outside of Mystro? Add your own custom payment methods.


  • No Clutter
    Mystro will never overwhelm you with features you won't use. Enable the features you need and disable the rest. It's a way to offer more without cluttering things for everyone.
  • Import Data
    Coming Soon
    Easily import your data. Mystro currently allows you to import your customers. More import options coming soon.



  • Easy Navigation
    Use the quick views (today, next, previous) to easily navigate your way through the calendar. Mini calendar is coming soon!
  • Calendar Stats
    Get an overview of the total number of bookings that have been added to your schedule.
  • Calendar Views
    Mystro currently supports 'full week' view. More calendar views coming soon.
  • Current Time Indicator
    The current time indicator is marked on your calendar and represents the current time of day.
  • Filter Calendars
    Filter calendars by location and service provider. The ability to filter by business, service type, room and user are coming soon!
  • Booking Statuses
    Set the status of a booking to indicate where it is in the processing cycle. 9 booking statuses to choose from.
  • Show Missed Bookings
    Cancelled and no-show bookings are never deleted, just hidden. Choose to show these bookings on the calendar.
  • Separate Calendars For Every Provider
    Each service provider gets their own separate scheduling calendar.
  • Drag and Drop Interface
    Coming Soon
    Intuitive drag and drop interface that allows you to quickly manage your bookings.
  • Calendar Edit Time Range
    Coming Soon
    Specify the time range that schedules can be managed (i.e. during business hours only).
  • Colour Coded Services
    Coming Soon
    Colour code your services to differentiate bookings on your schedule.
  • View Payment Status at a Glance
    Coming Soon
    View the payment status of a booking to see where the invoice is in the payment processing cycle.
  • Enable Privacy Mode
    Coming Soon
    Hide customer names on your schedule if your computer is in a position where your customers can view your screen.
  • Print Schedule
    Coming Soon
    Print your scheduling calendar whenever you need.


  • Track Provider Availability and Bookings
    With Mystro's scheduling calendar, it's easy to keep track of provider availability and bookings all in one place.
  • Create Repeats
    Create repeats of your bookings. Repeat bookings daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Reschedule Bookings
    Easily reschedule bookings on a different day and time.
  • View Customer Alerts at a Glance
    Customer alerts are displayed when viewing the details of a booking on the schedule so you can stay informed at all times.
  • Request and Record Payments
    Email invoices to customers to request payment or record payment directly from your schedule.


  • Manage Customer Appointments
    Manage one-on-one bookings between a customer and a service provider directly on your schedule.

Classes & Workshops

  • Manage Classes and Workshops
    Coming Soon
    Manage the classes and workshops that your business offers.
  • Track Attendees
    Coming Soon
    Track your class and workshop attendees.
  • Send Group Messages
    Coming Soon
    Send group messages to your class and workshop attendees.


  • Mystro CRM
    Mystro stores all of your customers within its centralised CRM so you can keep track of your customers in one spot.
  • Customer Profiles
    Every customer has their own profile, which stores all of their information – also referred to as an electronic health record.
  • Past, Present and Prospective Customers
    Use Mystro CRM to easily keep track of your past, present, and prospective customers.
  • Store Individual and Business Customers
    Store both individual and business customer profiles within Mystro.
  • Customer Statuses
    Assign 1 of 5 statuses to customers (active, inactive, prospective, contact, and on review).
  • Group Customers into Categories
    Group your customers into categories (e.g. child, adult, pensioner).
  • Powerful Filtering Options
    Use our powerful filtering options to easily analyse your customers and get the exact data you need.
  • Track Referral Sources
    Record customer referral sources to keep track of how your customers come across your business.
  • Custom Concession Types
    Assign customers to a concession type to apply a discount to all services booked.
  • Custom Fields
    Create custom fields to collect the information you need about your customers and choose the fields to display on invoices.
  • Customisable Alerts
    Add an alert to customer profiles. The ability to add multiple alerts and organise them by colour is coming soon!
  • Store Customer Notes
    Add notes to customer profiles. The ability to add attachments, set the status of a note as draft or complete, and export all/individual notes is coming soon!
  • Configure Notifications Per Customer
    Configure the types of notifications you want to send for each customer.
  • Customer Photos
    Coming Soon
    Upload profile photos or take a photo of your customers directly within your Mystro account.
  • Booking and Payment History
    View booking and payment history at a glance. Add notes and attachments to individual bookings. Unpaid invoices are highlighted to remind you to collect payment.

Team Members

  • Manage Team Members
    Easily manage your providers that service your customers and other users that you want to give access to your account.
  • Service Provider Profile
    Every service provider has their own profile, which stores their general details, bio, qualifications, specialisations.
  • User Profile
    Every user has their own profile, which stores their general and contact details.
  • Login Access
    Give your team members access to login to their own account.
  • Assign Locations and Services
    Assign the locations and services that your service providers are available for bookings, as well as the the locations your users work.
  • Custom Fields
    Coming Soon
    Create custom fields to collect the information you need about your providers and choose the fields to display on invoices.
  • Booking History
    Coming Soon
    View a history of all bookings that each provider has conducted.


  • Secure Online Invoicing
    Get paid faster with Mystro’s secure online invoicing.
  • Automated Account Management
    Invoices are generated automatically when a booking is made with a click of a button.
  • Track Paid, Unpaid and Overdue Invoices
    Filter invoices by payment status to easily track paid, unpaid and overdue invoices.
  • Request and Record Payments
    Record a payment or email the invoice to request payment. Attach the invoice as a PDF or insert the payment link.
  • Create Invoices
    Forget about creating your invoices manually in Word or Excel. Instead, create beautiful invoices directly in Mystro.
  • Send Receipts Automatically
    Automatically send a receipt once invoices are marked as paid.
  • Brand Invoices
    Coming Soon
    Brand your invoices with your own logo to make them perfectly you.
  • Show/Hide Information on Invoices
    Coming Soon
    Choose the information you want to display on your invoices and hide what you don’t.
  • Invoice Prefixes
    Coming Soon
    Structure your invoices by specifying different prefixes for invoices generated at each of your locations.
  • A5 and A4 Invoices
    Coming Soon
    Choose your desired paper size for invoices – A5 or A4.
  • Display Upcoming Booking on Invoices
    Coming Soon
    Display the customer's upcoming booking on invoices.


  • Send One-Off SMS and Emails
    Send one-off SMS and emails to customers. The ability to send one-off SMS and emails to service providers and users is coming soon!


  • Customisable Booking Widget and Button
    Coming Soon
    Customise the look of your booking widget and booking button.
  • Choose Theme Colour
    Coming Soon
    Choose from our preset theme colours or create your own custom theme.
  • Easily Embed a Booking Button
    Coming Soon
    Easily embed a booking button into a page of your site or emails. Your booking button links to your booking widget.


  • Sales Report
    Coming Soon
    A complete record of your sales, including paid and unpaid invoices.
  • Revenue Summary
    Coming Soon
    A complete record of revenue generated per service.
  • Transaction Report
    Coming Soon
    A complete record of transactions made per payment type.
  • Booking Summary
    Coming Soon
    A summary of all bookings within a selected period.
  • Missed Bookings
    Coming Soon
    A complete list of all bookings marked as 'cancelled' or 'no-show'.
  • Account Summary
    Coming Soon
    A statement of all invoices relating to a customer's account.
  • With Upcoming Bookings
    Coming Soon
    A complete list of all customers with upcoming bookings.
  • Without Upcoming Bookings
    Coming Soon
    A complete list of all customers without upcoming bookings.
  • Upcoming Birthdays
    Coming Soon
    A complete list of upcoming customer birthdays for a selected month.
  • Export, Email and Print Reports
    Coming Soon
    Your reports are yours. Once you've generated a report, you can export it, email it, and print it.


  • Customise your Account with Add-Ons
    Coming Soon
    Mystro comes out of the box with the features that you need most. Customise your account to exactly fit your needs and make it uniquely your own with our built-in Add-On Store.
  • Website Add-On
    Coming Soon
    Create a beautiful, mobile ready website for your business to look professional and help attract more customers.
  • Calendar Sync Add-On
    Coming Soon
    Automatically sync the bookings on your Mystro schedule with the calendars you already have. Supports Google, iCal, iPhone, Android and Outlook calendar sync.

Website Add-On

  • Beautifully Designed Template
    Coming Soon
    Look professional with a beautifully designed website template geared towards driving your customers to book online.
  • Easy to Setup. Nothing to Maintain. No Extra Cost
    Coming Soon
    Create your online presence and take control of your business website in just a few painless steps.
  • Choose Theme Colour
    Coming Soon
    Choose from our preset theme colours or create your own custom theme.
  • Contact Page
    Coming Soon
    Pinpoint your business on a Google Map, display your operating hours, and generate new leads through an enquiry form.
  • SEO Ready
    Coming Soon
    SEO is built-in to ensure search engines find you. Includes meta details, custom titles, XML sitemaps, and more.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    Coming Soon
    Easily insert your Google Analytics tracking code into your website to track visitors to your site.
  • Built-In Booking Widget
    Coming Soon
    The booking widget is automatically built-in to your websites so you can accept bookings online 24/7.
  • Free Website Hosting
    Coming Soon
    Experience exceptional site speed and reliability with Mystro’s free website hosting service.
  • Ad-Free
    Coming Soon
    Your website will never display adverts, plain and simple. No banners, no pop-ups – nothing!

Online Booking

  • Beautiful Booking Widget
    Coming Soon
    Advanced features, simple to use. Displays appointment availability and a timetable of classes and workshops.
  • Easy Online Booking
    Coming Soon
    Search, book, complete. Easy online booking your customers will love.


  • Secure Storing of Data
    Data is stored securely to ensure sensitive information like customer health records are kept private and protected.
  • Daily Backups
    Backups of the database are made daily. All uploaded files are stored using Amazon S3 by Amazon Web Services.
  • Automatic Logout
    Users are logged out after a preset amount of time has passed without activity. Users then have to log back in, thereby preventing unauthorised access.
  • Secure Hosting
    Mystro uses Amazon Web Services for hosting. Mystro's servers are hosted in highly secure, audited data centres with electronic surveillance – staffed 24x7 by trained security guards.
  • HIPAA Compliant
    AWS cloud infrastructure has been designed and managed in alignment with the regulations, standards, and best-practices of the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  • SSL Connection
    Mystro always uses an SSL connection. SSL is used when you log into your site for secure access.


  • 24/7 Access to Mystro Help & Support
    Information never sleeps. Access Mystro Help & Support 24/7 to find the answers you need.
  • Knowledge Base
    Extensive Knowledge Base offering detailed guides, articles, and how-to's.
  • Community Forums
    Use our community Forums to ask questions, provide answers, share ideas, and request new features for Mystro.
  • Submit Support Tickets
    If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our Knowledge Base, submit a support ticket and our gurus will help you.
  • Live Chat
    Need instant help? Live chat with one of our support gurus that on hand during support hours to help you.
  • Speak to Real People
    Rest easy knowing real people are here to help you.

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