Feature Roadmap

Keep updated on the features we're working on and what we have in the pipeline.

This Feature Roadmap will be updated regularly. Each feature release will include numerous refinements to existing features. To suggest new features, or improvements to existing features, visit the Feature Requests discussion in the Mystro Forums.

  •   In Progress
    • Online Booking

      Accept bookings and payments online, 24/7! With this feature, you'll be able to embed the Booking Widget into a page of your site or direct customers a standalone Booking Widget. Learn more .

    • Add your Business Logo

      Your logo will be displayed on your invoices and email notifications.

  •   Planned
    • Classes

      Ability to create classes and allocate slots within a class that customers can be booked into. Learn more .

    • Workshops

      Ability to create single and multi-session workshops and allocate slots within a workshop session that customers can be booked into. Learn more .

    • Responsive Scheduling Calendar

      Full width, responsive schedule extending the width of your screen, giving you more room to view and manage your bookings on wider screens.

    • Add Notes and Attachments to Customer Bookings

      Record notes (i.e. SOAP Notes) and upload attachments for an individual booking to track progress. You can choose to enter notes manually, attach a document, or use our preset, fillable SOAP Notes template.

    • Colour Coded Services

      Ability to set a different colour for each of your services to differentiate bookings on your schedule.

    • Booking and Payment Status Icons

      Booking and payment status icons will be displayed on the bookings in your schedule allowing you to view the status at a glance.

  •   Completed
    • Service Provider Availability

      Set the periods that Service Providers are available. View their available and unavailable periods on the calendar to differentiate when a service provider is available and when they are not. Unavailable time blocks will be highlighted in gray.

    • Customer Booking and Payment History

      View a complete booking and payment history for a customer during a specific date range. Learn more

    • Auto Send Receipts for Invoice Payments

      Automatically send your customers a receipt once payment has been recorded on an invoice. Learn more

    • Daily Agenda for Service Providers

      A daily email sent to Service Providers outlining their upcoming bookings. You can specify the number of days of upcoming bookings to display in ther agenda and when to send it (morning, afternoon, evening). Learn more

    • Total Bookings Counter for Customers

      Displays a 'Bookings Counter' in customer profiles, which provides a summary of the total number of bookings that the customer has completed to date.

    • Repeat Booking Options

      Repeat bookings every [X] days, weeks, months, or years.

    • Connect Multiple Stripe Accounts

      Ability to connect multiple Stripe accounts and designate a different Stripe account for each business added to your Mystro account.

    • Improvements to the Schedule

      • Replaced the month and year dropdown menus for a mini calendar.
      • Choose the time range that your calendar is displayed. For example, 9am to 5pm.
      • Calendar height is now fixed so you no longer have to scroll down the page to view your bookings.
      • Filter services by the selected service provider when creating or editing a booking on the schedule. Only the services that have been assigned to the service provider selected are displayed in the 'Service' dropdown menu.

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